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async line driver product photo

Features / Benefits

  • Interface - RS-232 and Dedicated 4-Wire
  • Data Rates - Asynchronous 9.6K and 19.2Kpbs
  • Point to Point operation
  • Full Duplex Operation
  • Transmission Range-2000 feet on 24awg wire
  • Transfers Control Signals In-Band
  • No AC Required
  • Built-in Surge Protection


The Async Line Driver ALD-19.2 utilizes state of the art digital CMOS technology to provide a feature filled product at a very affordable price. The ALD-19.2 transmits and receives data bi-directional at data rates up to 19.2kbps. The unit is designed for asynchronous Point-to-Point operation.

The ALD-19.2 utilizes a microprocessor to pass control signals bi-directionally independant of data or carrier operation.

The ALD-19.2 is configured as a DCE interface. Control signals for RTS and DTR are passed as in-band flow control. This flow control is full duplex and control signals are tranferred simultaneously in both directions.

The ALD-19.2 is switch selectable for data rate and asynchronous data format. The unit supports 7, 8 or 9 bit data and is capable of transmission rates at 9.6k or 19.2kbps.

Applications that benefit from the ALD-19.2 are computer to remote printer applications or multiplexer to remote DTE connection. The ALD-19.2 is very popular in the retail industry for remote thermal printers.

Utilizing new 1998 technology has allowed the ALD-19.2 to operate without AC power. The unit has the ability to operate with only one control signal being active.

The ALD-19.2 is housed in a sturdy metal enclosure and has a three year warranty and a 24 hour turnaround on warranty repairs.


Application Full Duplex Asynchonous Point-to-Point operation utilizing flow control in-band
Surge Protection RS-232 and 4-Wire interface
Interface RS-232 and 4-Wire
Line Requirements Four Wire private, unloaded with no bridge taps
Data Rates 9.6K and 19.2Kbps
Switches Dip Switch for Data Rate, Character Length and control signals of RTS or DTR
RS-232 Physical Interface Male DB-25 Connector
4-Wire Physical Interface 5-Position Terminal Block
Power Source No AC Power Required


Environmental Operating Temperature . .32º to 122º F (0º to 50º C)

Relative Humidity.. . . . . . .5 to 95% Non-Condensing

Altitude. . . . . . . . . . . . . ... .0 to 10,000 feet

Dimensions Height ....... 0.50 inches (1.27 cm)

Width ........ 1.75 inches (4.44 cm)

Length ....... 3.90 inches (9.91cm)

Weight 1/2 pound (0.228Kg)
Warranty Three Years, Return To Factory
 Approvals  CE Approved
Ordering Information Model: ALD-19.2 Description: Async Line Drive
Included with each unit: 1) Operations Manual