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Remote Secure Console Server

Remote Secure Console Server with a secure SSL Web Browser, easily allow remote control of Cisco router power reset via serial ports.

The Async2IP is a secure remote console access product that connects up to four async remote console serial ports, across a 10/100 LAN to the serial ports of a terminal at a central network control site. The Async2IP converts the full duplex asynchronous serial data stream to an encrypted TCP/IP packet stream. The Async2IP units are initially configured via secure SSL HTML web pageĀ interfaces. This process allows the user to configure the LAN IP Address and the RS-232 Port speeds. After configuration all command and data functions are accomplished inside the terminal interface at the central site using HyperTerminal or Putty. The central site Async2IP unit(s) function as a Master device. The Master Device can connect one session at a time to an unlimited amount of Remote Site units. Two or more Async2IP units are required to connect the serial devices over the LAN.