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East Coast Datacom (ECD), Inc., a Florida-based data communications accessory specialist, announces the eight port RS-232 Data Broadcast Unit, model DBU-2328.

The DBU-2328 is designed for uses in RS-232 sync or async receive only data broadcast applications. Examples of typical data broadcast applications are; Continuously updated public data displays and distribution of continuous data to Routers, PC's or receive only printers.

The DBU-2328 utilizes an RS-232 interface with data rate capabilities up to 128Kbps. The unit supports up to eight receive only terminals simultaneously. Surge protection is provided for all RS-232 data interfaces and the power supply input, providing extremely reliable operation.

The DBU-2328 continuously broadcasts receive data, receive timing and an optional control signal(DCD) from the data source to the eight output terminal ports. Each data port has independent drivers and receivers for transmission.

The DBU-2328 supports cascading multiple units together from a single data source for multiple outputs. The unit has a redundant cascade port that utilizes positive latching relays. If a single unit looses power, all remaining units will continue to function without error.

The List Price of the DBU-2328 is $795.00 US Dollars with immediate availability.

For further information please contact:
Mr. Richard Barger  
East Coast Datacom, Inc.
245 Gus Hipp Blvd., STE 3,
FL 32955 Tel: (321) 637-9922